Playing Golf in Italy

For those dreaming of a golf vacation, Italy offers a number of itineraries that also include the best of wellness, cusine and art.

Some of the very best courses in Italy and Europe lie around the Lake of Garda. The area’s and due to the mild climate of the Lake of Garda it is possible to play golf all the year round.  

Situated close to the hills on the western side of lake Garda, Golf Bogliaco lies in a basin at an altitude of 100 metres, covered with oleander, laurel, cypresses, olive trees and other plants typical of Mediterranean vegetation. The raised position gives a splendid view over almost the full length of the lake and the mountains which surround it. The decidedly mild climate offers the possibility of playing all year round. The 18 hole course, though not long, puts even expert golfers to the test, demanding shots which require the most careful attention and great precision in order to centre the fairways and the well-protected greens. The Mediterranean climate allows playing all year round.

Gardagolf is known to experts as one of the best courses that has been constructed over the last fifteen years.Extending over a total area of 110 hectares it was conceived by the English architects Cotton, Penninck Steel &partners.
Gardagolf composes of a 27 hole course which lies between the Rock of Manerba and the SoianoCastle offering extraordinary panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding countryside
with its cypresses, olive groves, centenarian oaks and maritime pines.
Gardagolf has worked towards obtaining two results, both of which are important to the golfer:
a spectacular green and a technically demanding course.
Gardagolf has also wanted to make the course available throughout the year: it is open also in January.

Arzaga Golf is situated between the Alps and Lake Garda, providing a stunning backdrop and a unique mild climate, which allows golf to be played throughout the year.
The first 18 holes, Arzaga I, were designed by Jack Nicklaus II, while the 9-hole course, Arzaga II, was designed by Gary Player. Arzaga’s GolfAcademy is the first Teaching & Learning Centre of the PGA of Europe in Italy.
Embedded into the hilly landscape near to lake Garda, the Arzaga golf courses have been planned in different ways with the attempt to satisfie the beginner as well as the  professional player.

This golf course, established in 1989 and designed by the English architects Cotton, Penninck Steel, has one eighteen-holes championship course and one nine-holes executive one. The golf course is laid out on a natural terrace above the idyllic town of Garda. You will enjoy wonderful views of Lake Garda and the hilly surroundings. It faces the lake and turns towards the picturesque villages inland. After the round you will enjoy a wonderful relaxation in the very comfortable clubhouse, and the veranda.. The Mediterranean climate allows playing all year round.
Yardage: 6300 yds/5761 m, SSS: 71.0, Par: 71

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